Sir Bentley of Whidbey Island




March 2020


About Me

I am an amazing Bichon full of owner pleasing energy with loyalty and affection among my most dominant personality traits. My sire is Astarte V Hallmarks DOM Perignon (NP55924010) and my Dam is Pearl’s Peppy Paws (NP38451802).

My AKC Registration number is NP65838205

March 24, 2021

Date of Birth:

Very Friendly

Social Demeanor

Of Course!


David & Sharon

Favorite People


Healthy, Vaccinated, & Chipped!

My owners David and Sharon make sure I  am healthy with regular vet visits (Central Veterinarian of Whidbey Island). They also make sure my vaccinations are kept up to date and I have also been micro chipped in case I lose track of my people.

Sir Bentley Of Whidbey Island

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Interested Owner Sign-Up List

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